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Lovely denim dress. If you are looking for a perfect denim dress, then take a look here. You can find jeans in any wardrobe and it never goes out of style. But not everyone has a jeans dress. But if you buy a denim dress, you will most likely enjoy it for many years.

Ola dress.

Jeans Dress, denim dress and in Norway we also call it Olakjole (Ola dress) The fabric was previously considered simple / cheap and for "Ola Nordmann" - therefore it is also sometimes called ola dress in Norway. The denim dress is practical to use - and gives you an everyday look. The dress is often timeless and durable and it only gets nicer when you  use it, a perfect everyday dress. A must have. 

Growing selection in the online store.

We just love the denim dress and there are always new shapes and styles - so the jeans dress is always in the collection of ko:ko norway. The clothing designers in ko: ko norway always work with new and perfect denim dresses, so here you will find an growing selection of denim dresses in many styles.


Denim, also called jeans, is a fabric that is very useful and suitable for everyone. Denim is a thick cotton fabric that gives an everyday feel to the garment. And everyone wears jeans, whether it is jeans pants, denim jackets or denim dresses. Denim is everything from the thick classic cotton fabric to the popular soft, elastic cotton fabric with lots of stretch and comfort. So denim has become so much more the last year, now denim gives us so many possibilities. We love denim, and we like to use the denim with elastane for the stretch and flexibility.

Favorite dresses.

We hope you find your favorite dresses in our denim collection, and at our webshop you will always find denim dresses, summer and winter. We focus on denim dresses in many different styles so we always have a rich selection. If you are looking for denim dresses in loose and relaxed style then you have to look at the big shirt shape, this model is loose and casual and is just as cool year after year. Use it as a dress or a jacket. Or maybe you're the type looking for a fun denim dress, with cute details and surprising elements like tulle and pom poms. You can often find this in the jeans collection of koko norway. But most popular is the maritime and timeless blue jeans dress with a good fit and white edging, this is a dress that many love, year after year.

New denim collection.

Because spring and summer are high season for the denim dress, our jeans collections often launched in the spring every year. Maybe you get the spring and summer feeling with the denim dresses from kokonorway. Wear the denim dress in combination with white sneakers or sandals, get ready for a walk on a pier, or for a coffeebreak in the city. 

And the jeans dress is of course in the suitcase when you go on holiday because this is a garment that´s  perfekt regardless of the occasion and weather conditions.

Functional garments.

We love to design garments that have several functions so that they have several uses. And what is better than a denim dress with many possibilities. That is why the flexible variant of the jacket dress is always included in our denim collection. It is a dress where you have both a dress and a jacket in a garment. It's so nice with such garments, use it open as a jacket, or close it as the coolest denim dress. We also have these flexible dresses models in linen and velvet. In denim, these functional dresses are called Therese and Dorthe. Both of these are very nice to combine with the denim dress Randi.

Large selection in sizes.

You can find all our dresses in many sizes, so we have denim dresses from size 34 and up to size 50. We have received so much good feedback since we started producing dresses in large sizes as well. We have become good at shapes and with lots of good feedback from our customers, we saw no reason not to produce the dresses up to size 50. This means that our selection is large both in shapes, styles and sizes.

Colors and patterns.

We have a large selection of denim dresses and the denim dresses are available in several colors and with different patterns. But the most common are the blue jeans dresses, they are the ones we sell the most. But you can also find denim dresses with dots, or denim dresses in colors other than blue. We have both black, red and white denim dresses, we have everything from the classic and exclusive denim dress variant with brown stitching, press studs and typical denim pockets,  to the simple and classic denim dress… always with the perfect fit.

Jeans Collection.

Although for our denim collection  the main focus is dresses, but you will always  find other jeans products in the koko collection, like denim jackets, jeans pants and other garments in this lovely quality.



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