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Shapes – how to get dressed for your shape?

The body shape topic has been a hot debate for years. It's something that many people think about when they're looking to style themselves, because so much fashion is designed around different types of shapes and sizes!

There is no one size fits all approach to dressing, and the best way to dress for your shape depends on your specific body type. While there are general guidelines that can help you create a flattering outfit, it's important to tailor your clothes to fit your unique figure. In this blog post, we'll discuss the different shapes of bodies and how to dress for each one. Read on to learn more!

What is a shape?

Your body shape is yours for life, regardless of your weight or height. All bodies are unique in different ways but you can often share similar features with others- knowing these small details will make it easier to find clothes that feel comfortable and fit well!


What kind of shapes exist?

There are endless different body shapes. All bodies are unique - no one looks exactly the same as another. However, most people tend to lean towards a certain shape with more or less clear features. We have created some of the most common body shops and features.


A cone-shaped body shape is also sometimes called a pear-shaped body shape. It stands out in that the hips are wider than the shoulders. Often the thighs and buttocks can be plump with the shoulders slightly sloping downwards.

If you have a cone-shaped body, it can be nice to balance your hips and shoulders. Feel free to use garments and details that have more volume on the upper body. Garments with a defined waist tend to work well on your body type.

Often fits well in:

  • Boat necks and other wide necklines
  • Wide shoulder straps
  • Shoulder pads, puffed sleeves and ruffles on the torso.
  • Garments with a clearly defined waist, such as wrap dresses and A-line dresses with a waist.

Upside-down cone-shaped

Upside-down cone-shaped body stands out from one's wide torso. Often the shoulders are the widest part, and both the waist and hips are narrower than the shoulders.

If you have an upside-down cone-shaped body, you can style with clothes that balance your shoulders and hips. Something that can be nice is to wear clothes that are wide at the bottom. Feel free to try a wide dress shape or swing dresses , alternatively trousers with a bit of width.

Often fits well in:

  • Stiff fabric that has a fine structure
  • V-neck on tops
  • Garment with volume around and below the hip area
  • Long jackets and blazers



A round body shape is often called an apple-shaped body. This body type has lovely round shapes all over the upper body, without a clear waist.

Your body shape tends to fit well in a tunic or dress that fits snugly just below the bust. Styles with a pair of trousers or tights that accentuate the shape of your legs.

Often fits well in:

  • Deep excavations
  • Long blazers and jackets
  • Dresses with an empire cut - a slight marking just below the bust.
  • Dresses with a comfortable fit, without being oversize
  • Shoulder pads and other garments that create straight lines around the shoulders.


Hour glass

This body shape tends to give a curvy impression, with a marked waist and more or less the same measurement over the shoulders as the hips.

Something that tends to be nice is to emphasize the waist in some way. Wrap dresses with a tie at the waist are something used to dress the hourglass shape well. If you have a straight dress , you can try adding a belt to the waist.

You can also fit well in dresses that sit quite tight on the body.

Clothes and details that suit this body shape:

  • Simple models with soft shapes and patterns
  • Clothing that accentuates the waist
  • Dresses that have a slim fit
  • Jackets and cardigans that reach down to the hip


With a straight figure, you have approximately the same measurements over the bust, waist and hips.

Feel free to try garments that have slightly different shapes. It can be nice to use a lot of details, such as shawls or belts, to highlight different parts of your body. A belt at the waist or on the hip often suits your body shape well!

Clothes and details that suit this body shape:

  • Layer upon layer that creates different levels in the fabric
  • Light A-line dresses with slightly accentuated waist
  • All types of necklines
  • Various accessories and details


How do I know what my body shape is?

To find your body shape, try looking at yourself in the mirror and see if you can find any shapes or distinctive features. There are no given measurements that tell you what body shape you have, it's more about body building.

If you do not find any clear and excellent features from the examples above, you may be in the middle between two body shapes. That's not unusual! Then it's best to try yourself out and see which body shape you recognize most. Try different types of garments and style with details according to the body shapes you most resemble.


Here are a few tips to help you figure out how best to style your body shape.

Add details

Not only do you get a great boost by choosing clothes that highlight your great features, you can take it the next step by adding details and accessories.

Do you want to emphasize the waist? Try a straight dress and add a wide belt at the waist.

Want to draw attention to your shoulder area? A scarf is a detail that can add both color and a slightly fuller feeling around the shoulders and neck. You can also dress in a jacket with shoulder pads, to create a sharp line that highlights your shoulders.

Are you interested in giving your legs the focus? Choose a pair of tights in a lovely colour.

Look at the whole picture

Individual pieces can do a lot, but it's the whole picture that creates an outfit that makes you shine! Test your entire outfit together, accessories and jewelry included. That way, you can see and feel if something is missing or should be replaced.

Find models that fit extra well

By testing yourself, you can find clothing models that fit your body extra well. Do you know, for example, that dresses with a narrower fit give your body a nice figure? Or do you always feel extra nice in shirt dresses ? Then you can search for the specific model when you are looking for clothes. With us, you can filter the dresses in various ways, which means that you can easily see through your favourites.

We at KO:KO also help you find the right size. Feel free to use our guide and calculator to help you find the right model and size. Enter your measurements and we will give you a size suggestion. Then you can filter on models that suit your body shape.

Remember - you choose whether you want to dress according to your body shape or not, as we said, this is just inspiration!