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The Big Dressguide.

Hard to find the right dress shape, dress length and size?


We will try to help you.


Find out:

What length do you want?

What shape do you enjoy?

Do you have a favorite color?

Do you want details such as a pocket, hood, etc. ?

Do you know which size to choose?



Here you enter your body measurements and we calculate the size we think will suit you best. With reservation. 

All bodies are different so the calculator is not 100% safe. We pay most attention to waist measurements when calculating the dress size.


Here are the goals that are in the Dress Calculator, so you can also evaluate for yourself.

Take your body measure firmly on the body, and enter in the table. All measurements in the table are in cm. and note that it is body measurements and not dress measurements. If the dresses are large or small in size, it is specified in the product description itself. Remember that a wide model can be large in size if you do not want a loose dress. Then go down a size of wide model.

What dress shape do you want?

First, it is important to find out which shape you are most comfortable with. If you like the A-shape with a marked waist and normal width, it is a good idea to choose this on filter or on category. If you want a looser shape, in A-shape or other, select wide and A-shape on filter or category. If you like the figure closest to the figure, you choose a narrow shape and normal size - if you want it very narrow, you can go down a size depending on how tight you want, most have good elasticity.

If you like oversized dresses, you can choose a wide model and go up if you want really oversized, if you want normal loose and just want a good width over the belly / hip then you choose the usual size, and if you want it a little less loose then take a size down if you can it in relation to shoulder width. More you that if you are broad-shouldered then it is not wise to go down a size.


Otherwise, the shapes of the dresses are a designation of what the dress looks like, and many of these are characterized by skirt width, ex swing shapes have a large skirt, the balloon shape is wide above but narrows down. Find e.g. out if you like the best wrap dress, shirt dresses, etc. Read more about each individual dress shape below here.



A-shape, A-line, A-shape - this is the most popular and most common dress model. This shape is a favorite of many koko ladies. The dress should fit nicely and firmly around the chest and has a natural A-shape from the chest / waist down.   This is a feminine shape that highlights the female body in a good way and it fits women in most sizes.



The narrow shapes are close to the body and shape to the silhouette of your body. The narrow dress model often shapes itself to the body's curve - but it can also be straight and fairly unobtrusive. You then have everything from the tough straight dress to the one with a feminine festive silhouette dress, preferably the little black dress. The length of the dress can vary from mini to maxi.



The wide dress model naturally has a looser shape. This shape flows more than a classic A-shape, but a wide model can also have an A-shape. To give the dress a good and feminine shape, we like that it fits around the bust and has extra good width around the belly and hips, then you get an elegant loose dress with an incredibly comfortable comfort. We also have wide dresses that are very oversized, but then we write it on specifically on each product in question.



The right dress model can be both wide and narrow. But the shape is straight and does not follow the curves of the body. For many, the shape feels relaxed and unobtrusive.



Here you will find shirt dresses in wide models that create a relaxing and elegant look. You can use the shirt dresses as a coat, dress, jacket and it is a garment that is a must have in the wardrobe. You can mark the waist with a belt and give the dress a completely different expression where you create a style that emphasizes the waist. The shirt dress is perfect for work, leisure and is an everyday dress that creates an elegant, classic and formal look.  If you want the sporty and relaxed style, you can wear a pair of sneakers or sandals.



This dress shape is playful and festive, also called "bell". The swing dress sits around the chest, the waist is marked and the dress often has a large strutting skirt. We have, among other things, the perfect swing dress in black and one in red, called Elly. If you are interested in checking out Elly, you can click on Elly which is underlined, or here. We have swing dresses for plus size too!



The wrap dress also called a coverdress is an asymmetrical dress where you wrap one side over the other, which makes you form a V-shaped neckline. This is a feminine shape that emphasizes the breast. There is often good width in the skirt of the wrap dress. The length of a wrap dress can vary from mini to maxi.



Are you looking for a dress that has a good width around the belly. Look at the balloon shape, it has a lot of width - but is narrow up and down and therefore creates a balloon shape. This dress sits over the shoulder and chest and has extra width around the abdomen and hips and then narrows down. This creates a tough casual bohemian look on the dress.

What length do you want on the dress?

It is important to find the right dress length. And we have such different heights, it can vary up to 50 cm in fact and then it is natural that knee length is not knee length on a lady of 190 cm nor on one that is 150 cm. So then it's okay that there is an exact length measurement on each dress. Remember also one we take the measure of a dress in size 38, hanging. When it comes to the body, it can also be decisive whether the dress is loose or firm on the body. The firmer it sits on the body the more the dress pulls out and will be shorter. So keep this in mind when choosing a dress length. The dress can vary 1-2 cm depending on size, ie a dress in sizes 38 and 100 cm, can be 102 cm in size 46.


Otherwise, we categorize the dresses into four groups. Short dress which is yes short dress and tinika. Knee-length dresses that are plus or minus knee length, then we have the mid-length that goes well below the knees for those who like it best, and then we have the long dress that is widely used for party dresses and summer dresses.


Find the desired dress length below here.












105-125 cm



125 -160 cm

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