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A UNIQUE DRESS CONCEPT | Worldwide delivering | Taxes and duties included


Here we bring out key words such as sporty, energetic, active, present, comfortable, prepared, etc. Do you belong in this sporty style zone? Cool check out the category for sporty dresses here at kokonorway.


It is so fantastic to work with style zones, the sporty style zone is actually one of the most important style zones for us. Who influences you and how to find the dresses that suit you?


If you are in a sporty style zone, you are active and often have full calendar with activity. Here in this style zone, we are inspired by details such as hood and pockets, simple cuts, sporty details and high comfort. We want to create good and usable dresses for an active everyday life.


Here we hope that we can inspire you to wear more dresses even if you are not the typical dress lady. The sporty dresses can easily be styled, but it is just perfect in everyday life together with the most comfortable trend of all time, the sneaker. Our bestseller is the hooded dress, you get it in all colors and you can combine the hooded dress with colorful sneakers from the wonderful shoe brand Woden. We just love the sporty dress look, so put on your hooded dress and combine the dress with a pair of sneakers or Dr.Martens boots and you are prepared for life!


If you need suggestions and ideas for outfits in this wonderful sporty style, we can help you. When we make purchases, we think holistically to create unique outfits that are flexible and usable. When something is planned and thought through, you get the best results. Just look here. Find your creativity and enjoy dresses, shoes, colors and shapes from kokonorway, you bloom and other exciting brands here on our webshop www.kokonorway.com .


We wish you a sporty dress day!

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